Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Akkol valley

sunday, 3rd august 2008

Turaojuk lake and Leningradskij pass (in the background right).

The Turaojuk-river, which goes down to the Akkol-valley.

View over the Akkol-valley.

We then continued a little bit up the Akkol-valley.

After some kilometers we found a nice place for the tents (camp no. 6) . Some of us walked further without luggage.

The original idea was to cross over the Udachnyj-pass to the Karaojuk-valley, but we decided that we would rather walk back to Beltir in the Akkol-valley.

monday, 4th august 2008

Today we started the walk back to civilization. The village Beltir is about 35 kilometers away. However, the trip was then shorter than planned...

Walking down in the Akkol-valley.

Akkol-lake in the background


Some kilometers after the way we passed a house of a local farmer, next to the house an UAZ-car was parked. This raised the idea to use this car as a taxi. Hiking to Beltir wouldn't be difficult, but quite boring as the high mountains already disappeared. And we were already a little bit tired too.
So we asked the farmer whether we could bring us to Beltir. We agreed about the price and that we would start next morning. For the night we built up our tents next to the house of the family.

Campsite no. 7

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