Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Astana - Kazakhstan's new capital

Monday, 11th september 2008

Timetable for the trip to Astana:
Almaty 19:21 - Astana 08:00

The futuristic Talgo-train to Astana

Our compartment inside

Viewfrom the train to the mountains

Video during the trip:

Having a beer in the dining car

Like starship Enterprise...

Tuesday, 12th september 2008

Astana station

Many new buliding - ministry of finance on the right

Astana may be called the "Dubai of the step"...

Bayterek-tower (designed by the British archtitect Norman Foster) in the new governmental district. See also

View from the Bayterek-tower

Inside Bayterek-tower

In the evening Tobias and I met Mikhail Utkin, a Kazakh railway-photographer livining in Astana.

Agaian the Talgo train.

Sunset on the rails.

Railway station Astana by night

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