Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Leningradskij pass (3300m)

saturday, 2nd august 2008

In the early morning there were still much clouds and we discussed whether we should go over the pass today or not. But then the weather improved and at abou 10 am we decided that we would go.

The whole group in front of a glacier. In the background on the left the Leningradskij-pass can be seen.

Again the glacier and the pass.

The final steep climb up to the pass. From 3100m below to 3300m on the pass.

Very steep climb, nearly 45 degrees...

(Photo: Matthias Bauer)
A short break on the way up...

Hurra! Na perevale (on the pass)!

View down to the Turaojuk-lake (altitude 2705 m) on the other side. Down there we still had to get on that day!

After some time the whole group arrived on the pass and we made a short lunch break.

The decent starts...

...and the stepness was the same on this side of the pass. On this side even for an altitude difference of 300m.

After the steep descent the further walk down to the lake was relatively easy.

And here we are!

Camp no. 5 next to the Turaojuk lake.

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