Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Train trip Astana - Moscow - Kosice - Vienna

Wednesday, 13th august 2008

timetable for the day:
Astana dep. 6:55
via Atbasar - Tobol - Kustanaj to the border
Kazakh border check at Kaerak (23:15 - 0:25)

Old Austrian postbus running now in Kustanaj!

Thursday, 14th august 2008

timetable for the day:
Russian border check at Troizk (22:55 - 0:23 Moscow time = 0:55 - 2:23 local time)
via Celjabinsk (in the middle of the night) - Ufa (lunch time) to Samara (evening)

Long Russian freight train at Ust-Katav:

In the Ural-mountains

At Ufa station

Dining car - the same procedure as every day

Samara station

Friday, 15th august 2008

Timetable for the day:
via Rjazan to Moscow
arrival Moskva Kazanskaya at 15:33
some hours in Moscow
departure Moskva Kievskaya at 23:23

Arrival at Moskva Kazanskaya station.

Inside Moskva Kazanskaya station

Red square

Here I met Julia - we studied together Russian language in Graz (Austria), she was now visiting friends in Moscow.

"Stolichnyj-Ekspress" from Moskva Kievskaya to Kiev

Inside the train

Saturday, 16th august 2008

Timetable for the day:
Kiev arr. 08:00, dep. 09:53
via Vinniza - Hmelnizki - to Lviv

Crossing the Dnepr river at Kiev.

The train with my sleeping-car to Kosice also had a direct sleeping-car Moskva - Thessaloniki

Somewhere near Lviv.

Sunday, 17th august 2008

Timetable for the day:
Ukrainian border check and bogie-exchanging at Chop (2:20 - 4:28)
via Cierna nad Tisou to Kosice (arr 7:29)
Change to train 604 Kosice 8:15 - Bratislava 14:20
From Bratislava local train to Wien Südbahnhof (15:58)

At home again - IKEA-advertisement at Wien Südbahnhof.

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Andrey hat gesagt…


zufällig an diese Geschichte gestoßen und bin total begeistert.

Schöne Fotos, tips and tricks für die Nachfolger.

Danke, hab solch ein Gefühl gehabt, als wenn ich dort selbst gewesen wäre.

С наилучшими пожеланиями, Андрей.