Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Train trip to Almaty

saturday, 9th august 2008

We (now reduced to Manfred, Tobias, Harald, Matthias and me) left Barnaul at 16:49 Moscow time (19:49 local time) with train no. 369. This train was an Uzbek train coming from Novosibirsk and going to Tashkent.

Our train at Barnaul station.

Me and Pavel from Barnaul, who was with Manfred and me in one compartment.
The 4th passenger in our compartment was another Matthias from Vienna. We knew in advance via internet that he also planned to take this train on the same day.

A passing northbound train.

sunday, 10th august 2008

During the night there were the usual border procedures in the Russian (station Lokot 0:52 - 2:42) and on the Kazakh side (station Aul, 3:14 - 4:52). The stops at the border are long, but most of the time one can sleep.

In the Kazakh step

Videos "By train across the endless step":

"Shashlyk" at Aktogaj station.

Our "shashlyki"

15 minutes stop at Mataj

Sunset on the train.

Station market at Ush-Tobe

monday, 11th august 2008

Arrival at 4:27 at Almaty-1 station.

Almaty has two stations: Almaty-1 is far away from the town on the mainline. Almaty-2 is close to the center on a branch line. As our train to Astana in the evening departed from Almaty-2 we went there by bus, stored our luggage there and then explorde the town.
I had been to Almaty already 3 years before, so for me it was not new, but it's a nice, green town anyway.

The station Almaty-2.

Here we saw a Chines train, which just arrived from Urumchi in Western China.

The Mosque is the biggest in Kazakhstan

Former parliament (before it moved to Astana)

View from Köktyube mountain - it can be reached via a cable-way.

Palace of the Republic and Hotel Kazakhstan

Zenkov Cathedral in the Panfilov Park.

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