Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Back to civilization: Bijsk & Barnaul

tuesday, 5th august 2008

our taxi

and his driver

After about 1,5 hours over bumpy roads we arrived at Beltir.

The Gazel-minibus from Bijsk Altaj Tour arrived about half an hour later. We called them the day before visa staellite phone to tell about the changed return shedule.

The step.

Short break.

In the evening we checked in at the hotel "Zentralnaja", where we spent three nights.

Wednesday, 6th august 2008

Not a very exciting day. We picked up our pre-booked online train tickets, went to the office of Bijsk Altaj Tour to pay for the return trip and pick up our left luggage. We also wahsed our clothes and so on, and so on.

In the afternoon we made sightseeing walk in the old parts of the town. Quite nice!

Street reconstrcution is going on for the 300-year anniversary of Bijsk in 2009.

thursday, 7th august 2008

Another lazy day. We went swimming in the Bija-river, which crosses the town.

The beach of Bijsk.

friday, 8th august 2008

At 7:55 we left by train to Barnaul

Small stop en-route.

We arrived at Barnaul 15 11:41 and then went to the hotel "Altaj".

Hotel "Altaj".

In Barnaul we saw several buses which preiously operated in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. Some of them even keeped their old destination signs, like this bus to "Geilenkirchen, Puffendorf, Baesweiler".

Bridge over the Ob-river

Nice old wooden house

Katrin and Florian as well as Michal and Hynek left us this evening. Katrin and Florian flew to Moscow and added some city-sightseeing there and then in St. Petersburg to their trip.
Michal and Hynek flew to Prague with a short layover in Moscow.

saturday, 9th august 2008

Lenin and me...

After some more sightseeing during the day we left Barnaul in the evening.
In general it's a nice town!

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